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A Simple Text-Based Language for Music Notation.
by Mohit Muthanna Cheppudira.

What is VexTab?

VexTab is a language that allows you to easily create, edit, and share standard notation and guitar tablature. Unlike ASCII tab, which is designed for readability, VexTab is designed for writeability.

Learn VexTab

VexTab designed to be easy to learn and intuitive to use. Follow the tutorial on the VexTab Tutorial page to quickly get started using VexTab.

Take a look at the example below. The green code box below is editable - try adding another stave by typing tabstave on a new line.
tabstave notation=true key=A time=4/4 notes :q =|: (5/2.5/3.7/4) :8 7-5/3 5h6-7/5 ^3^ :q 7V/4

The Code

VexTab is an open specification and the reference implementation is open source. It is freely available complete and uncrippled for non-commercial use.

If you would like to use this code on commercial websites, products, plugins, or tools, please get in touch with me. (I'm very reasonable.)

Note that the underlying library, VexFlow, is completely open source and distributed under the MIT license.

Get the code at the VexTab GitHub Repo.

Stay in Touch

Keep up with changes at @11111110b, the 0xFE blog, or 0xFE@github.